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5 Buyer Persona Statistics You Need to grow your business in 2022

For any marketing strategy to come out with flying colors, the key is to be able to focus on the right audience and understand them. Today, buyer personas are an essential component of any successful marketing strategy, and understanding buyer persona statistics is equally important. Without them, your efforts are most likely to go in vain. Businesses that are adopting buyer persona strategies have significantly better results in terms of ROI, and of course, developing a better understanding of their customers.

Down below we will be discussing some of the most interesting Buyer Persona Statistics that were actually generated by Bigger Brands. These Buyer Persona Statistics will help you understand how big businesses are adopting Buyer Persona and generating great results. 

Why create a buyer persona?

It is incumbent on any business owner to know their customers well, and the buyer persona accomplishes that. The spray and pray approach no longer works in 2021 and to effectively cater to your target audience’s needs, you need to understand your target audience first. These personas represent “semi-fictional” profiles of your ideal customers which will help you get to know them better. The creation of a buyer persona involves not just demographic data but abstract particularities like their desires, drawbacks, hobbies, and ambitions. In order to humanize your persona, they also receive a name, age, and profession. Want to know how to create a rockstar buyer persona from scratch? Click here.

Whatever type of buyer you’re looking for, having a clear-cut persona will help you get more of them on board and also help in a significant improvement in their experiences. 

Actual Buyer Persona Statistics and Their Impact on Businesses:

The power of a strong buyer persona is absolutely undeniable. While in the earlier days, creating them brought in a competitive advantage for any company that used them, today it’s more than just a benefit- it’s crucial, a must. If you’re still not convinced about the importance of buyer personas, here are 5 stats to back them up:

Using buyer personas in an email campaign improved open rate by 2x and click-through rate by 5x

Many companies rely on sending out email messages as a digital communication strategy. Various marketing departments choose to segment their email campaigns based on their target audience in order to achieve higher customization. However, this is only applicable if the lead opens the email. Many such campaigns don’t yield desirable results as most leads don’t open the email, or even unsubscribe. Hence, open rate is one of the most important and monitored metrics in email marketing. The use of a persona has a significant positive impact on this metric, multiplying it by 2 to 5 times, according to MLT Creative.

Increase customer engagement by 6x

Persona based content increased customer engagement almost six-fold when targeting cold leads (10% versus 58%).

Buyer personas simply make sense to increase engagement becasue they help you to find your best customers and vice versa, but only when created correctly. A sloppy buyer persona, based on qualities that don’t reflect your buyers’ true perspective, can do more harm than good by isolating your content from those that might engage with it. 

Personalized emails improve clickthrough rates by 14%, conversion rates by 10%, and drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails 

The tough part about using email marketing is getting your leads to open the email. Once that is overcome and the email has been opened, the next step is to make sure they click on the link or whatever element that is included in the email. Doing so will redirect them to a specific address, perhaps a landing page, depending upon what kind of lead you’re targeting. According to HubSpot, personas increase the number of people who click on the content delivered in your emails by 14%. 

Website traffic is increased by 210%

There are various ways of directing traffic to your website: creating content marketing strategies, using paid ads, building social media posts, etc. If you want to bring the audience to your website but don’t know how to approach them, no matter what channel you use, your efforts will go in vain. Buyer personas help you properly understand your audience. By including a persona in this process, your website traffic has the potential to increase up to 210%, according to RockContent.

Organic search traffic boosted by 55%

There are many companies that find focusing on organic traffic more essential rather than focusing on paid alternatives. Doing so is a more sustainable strategy as it involves much lower expenses rather than opting for alternatives otherwise. By including a buyer persona in an SEO strategy, your brand has a higher chance of getting better visibility in search engine rankings, and this increases the organic traffic significantly. According to RockContent, using buyer personas boosted organic search traffic by 55%.

90% of the companies that use personas claim to understand their audience well

According to an interview conducted by ITSMA, 81% of the people interviewed stated that they expected the use of personas helped them understand their audience. Later on, 90% of them acknowledged that this actually happened. This just goes on to show how important buyer personas are. Understanding buyer personas can really help companies leverage their marketing efforts.

Final Thoughts Buyer Persona Statistics:

The above statistics clearly portray how important buyer personas are for the success of a business and the strategies they implement. Buyer personas are crucial for a business and investing time and money in creating them is absolutely worth it. Not only will the use of buyer personas help marketing strategies become more fruitful, but they also have a higher chance of customer retention and forming a loyal customer base.

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